Who We Are
  • We are a professional consultant team focusing on providing global buyers tailor-made sourcing service.
  • We arrange more than 20,000 tailor-made sourcing meetings every year to help global buyers find their right suppliers in China.
  • Our sourcing service enables you to effectively approach the suitable manufacturers and improve your database of suppliers.
How We Work
  • Immediately upon receipt of your application for sourcing service, we will begin the process of confirming your product requirement with GMC manufacturers.
  • Only those manufacturers who can meet your requirement will be introduced to you in the sourcing meetings arranged based on your schedule.
Our Advantages
Quick Feedback
Accurate Matching
Customized Service
Accurate Matching
  • Professional sourcing consultants in different industries will match your detailed product requirement to GMC manufacturers.
  • We have years of experience in arranging sourcing meetings and offering sourcing information to global buyers.
Quick Feedback
  • We can arrange sourcing meetings for you within one week after receiving your application.
  • You can check catalogues and quotations, compare manufacturer capabilities, or even place orders in the sourcing meetings.
Customized Service
Sourcing Event Buyers
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